Translations of the CFI

DSM-5 has been officially translated in the languages listed below

Where available, the CFI translation is directly linked for download.

For more information about the translation or to obtain a translation of the CFI not available for download, please visit the publisher’s website.

Note: “Desk Reference Only” refers to the DSM-5 Desk Reference, which does not include the CFI.

Publisher: Naklada Slap

Download PDF: Cultural Formulation Interview (Farsi)

Publisher: Arjmand Publications

Publisher: Elsevier Masson

Download PDF: Cultural Formulation Interview (German)

Download Informant: CFI Fremdbeurteilung

Publisher: Hogrefe

Publisher: Oriold & Co Publishers & Services Ltd (Desk Reference Only)

Publisher: Naklada Slap

Publisher: Vydavatel’stvo-F (Desk Reference Only)

Download PDF (CFI Core, Informant, and Supplementary Modules): Cultural Formulation Interview (Swedish)

Publisher: Pilgrim Press