CC Matters Newsletters

We invite you to read CC Matters, a periodic report we produce to describe current issues in culturally competent mental health services.


Issue 14, June, 2013
Topic: “Racial and ethnic disparities among persons with psychiatric disorders and multiple chronic medical conditions”

Issue 13, January 7, 2013
Topic: “Ensuring cultural competency in New York State health care”

Issue 12, December 14, 2012
Topic: “Social determinants of subthreshold psychotic symptoms among racial & ethnic minorities”

Issue 11, March 30, 2012
Topic: “A novel stigma reduction intervention for caregivers of Chinese immigrants with psychotic disorders”

Issue 10, September 2, 2011
Topic: “The Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence leads the DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Field Trial”

Issue 9, May 11, 2011
Topic: “Using Photovoice to engage minority consumers in the implementation of health interventions”

Issue 8, January 10, 2011
Topic: “Suicidal ideation and behavior among Latina adolescents”

Issue 7, July 23, 2010
Topic: “Racial and ethnic disparities in children’s unmet mental health needs: Problems and strategies”

Issue 6, February 19, 2010
Topic: “Strategies to decrease health disparities among individuals with limited English proficiency”

Issue 5, October 22, 2009
Topic: “Language, Culture, and Mental Health, Part I: Health disparities among individuals with limited English proficiency”

Issue 4, July 23, 2009
Topic: “Schizophrenia: The impact of race on diagnosis”

Issue 3, April 29, 2009
Topic: “Cultural syndromes and the cultural formulation in psychiatric care”

Issue 2, February 17, 2009
Topic: “Culturally competent smoking cessation interventions for people with serious mental illness”

Issue 1, December 15, 2008
Topic: “Cardiovascular disease: The combined effects of race/ethnicity and mental illness”


Número 8, 10 de enero del 2011
Tema: “Ideas y conductas suicidas en adolescentes Latinas”

Número 4, 23 de julio del 2009
Tema: “El impacto de la raza en el diagnóstico de esquizofrenia”


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