Community Assessment Project

About the Community Assessment Project

Project objectives

This was a two-year large qualitative study that examined the provision of culturally and linguistically competent physical health services to racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse people with serious mental illness [SMI] in three northern Manhattan communities.

Project status



Cabassa, L.J., Lewis-Fernández, R. Guarnaccia, P. (2012). Context at work in the physical health of people with serious mental illness: A report from the New York State Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. New York, NY

Ezell, J., Siantz, L., & Cabassa, L. J.(2013). Contours of usual care: Meeting the medical needs of diverse persons with serious mental illness. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 24 (4), 1552-1573. PMCID: PMC3885863

Carliner, H., Collins, P. Y., Cabassa, L. J., McNallen, A., Joestl, S. S., & Lewis-Fernández, R. (2014). Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among racial and ethnic minorities with schizophrenia spectrum and bipolar disorders: A systematic review of the literature. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 55 (2), 233-247. NIHMSID 53410.

Cabassa, L. J., Siantz, E., Nicasio, A., Guarnaccia, P., & Lewis- Fernández (In press). Context at Work: The Influence of Sociocultural and Environmental Factors in the Physical Health of People with Serious Mental Illness. Qualitative Health Research.


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