The Depression Fotonovela Project

About the Depression Fotonovela Project

Project Objective

Our group has developed and tested a theoretically-informed, culturally-grounded depression fotonovela written in English and Spanish entitled “Secret Feelings” Fotonovelas are popular health education tools that use posed photographs, captions, and soap opera narratives to engage audiences and raise awareness about health or social issues.

“Secret Feelings” aims to counteract misconceptions and stigmatizing attitudes about depression and its treatments common in the Latino community including the beliefs that depression is caused by personal weakness, that people receiving mental health care are locos (crazy), and that antidepressant medications are harmful and addictive. This project is being conducted in collaboration with the University of Southern California.

Project Status



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Other Project Materials

inSocialWork Podcast Series: Episode 46 – Dr. Leopoldo Cabassa: Developing Mental Health Literacy Tools for the Latino Community

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