Motivational Interviewing

About the Motivational Interviewing project

The goal of this project is to develop a novel approach using motivational interviewing for engaging and retaining Latino outpatients in antidepressant therapy.

We will assess the moderators and mediators of increased retention in antidepressant therapy by depressed Hispanic patients who have received a culturally adapted motivational interviewing intervention to enhance their treatment engagement. This will help clarify the mechanisms of action of the novel intervention and the patient groups for whom it is most effective.

This project is part of the Diagnosis and Engagement initiative, which seeks to understand how to effectively increase the diagnosis and engagement of racial and ethnic underserved populations into mental health care.

Project details

Data analysis is underway.


Lewis-Fernández R, Balán IC, Patel SR, Sánchez-Lacay AJ, Alfonso C, Gorritz M, Blanco C, Schmidt A, Jiang H, Schneier F, Moyers TB: Impact of motivational pharmacotherapy on treatment retention among depressed Latinos. Psychiatry, in press.

Balán IC, Moyers TB, Lewis-Fernández R: Motivational Pharmacotherapy: Combining motivational interviewing and antidepressant therapy to improve treatment adherence. Psychiatry, in press.

Interian A, Lewis-Fernández R, Dixon L: Interventions to improve mental health treatment engagement among underserved racial-ethnic minority populations: A systematic review of recent literature. Psychiatric Services, in press.

Interian A, Lewis-Fernández R, Gara MA, Escobar JI: A randomized-controlled trial of an intervention to improve antidepressant adherence among Latinos. Depression and Anxiety, in press.

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