Psychosis Screening Instrument

About the Psychosis Screening Instrument Project

The goals of this project are to:

  • Identify the true lifetime prevalence of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and affective disorders with psychotic features among Latino patients in primary care
  • Use these data to establish the operating characteristics of a revised psychosis screener
  • Compare these characteristics to those of the Psychosis Screening Questionnaire, a screening instrument used in primary care and community-based studies
  • Gather subjects’ interpretations of screener items, including descriptions of positive symptoms, as well as additional clinical and ethno-cultural information that can guide the re-writing of screener items in order to improve the operating characteristics of the instrument
  • Generate a final version of a psychosis screener for use in primary care

This project is part of the Diagnosis and Engagement initiative, which seeks to understand how to effectively increase the diagnosis and engagement of racial and ethnic underserved populations in mental health care.

Project details

Two papers have been published in Biometrics and Statistics in Medicine. Data analysis is underway for other publications.

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