Initiative: First Episode Psychosis

About the Initiative on First Episode Psychosis

Initiative goals

To collaborate with the New York State Office of Mental Health Center for Practice Innovations to help explore issues of race and culture in treatment following a first episode of psychosis (FEP).

NYSPI-CECC staff will participate in interviews with clients from one FEP treatment program, RAISE Connection, to learn how they came to seek FEP treatment following a first episode, and will examine the ways in which race and culture impact treatment-seeking. Center staff will also examine service delivery through the New York State initiative, OnTrackNY.

Planned analyses include:

  • Examination of factors affecting pathways to mental health care, and ways to reduce duration of untreated psychosis
  • Examination of the delivery of education and employment services, particularly for diverse populations who may have encountered disparities in the education and employment sectors
  • Shared client-provider decision making
  • Asset building

Associated project

Prodromal Psychosis Project


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