Health and Wellness Photovoice Project

About the Health and Wellness Photovoice Project

Project Objectives

Photovoice is a participatory research method that entrusts people with cameras to document their everyday lives and promote social action. The goal of this project was to engage residents at supportive housing agencies in a dialogue about their physical health to generate community-based knowl¬edge and strategies to inform the development and imple¬mentation of health care interventions that can be effectively introduced into these agencies.

Project Status



Cabassa, L. J., Parcesepe, A., Nicasio, A., Baxter, E. Tsemberis S. & Lewis-Fernández, R., (2013). Health and wellness photovoice project: Engaging consumers with serious mental illness in health care interventions. Qualitative Health Research, 23 (5), 618-630. PMCID: PMC3818106

Cabassa, L. J., Nicasio, A. & Whitley, R. (2013). Picturing recovery: A photovoice exploration of recovery among people with serious mental illness in supportive housing. Psychiatric Services, 64 (9), 837-842. PMCID: PMC3864368


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