Blog Talks and Webinars

We invite you to explore our blog talks and webinars!

We participated in NYSPI’s blog talk radio show during the month of September and here are the talks that were given:

“Culture and health: Does my doctor know who I am”

Neil Aggarwal and Ravi DeSilva gave a talk on the cultural formulation interview in the DSM V. They focused on the importance of culture in the mental health care setting and proposed a way to increase the cultural competence of clinicians.

“Health and Mental Health: Getting Help for Depression in your Community”

Sapana Patel and Virna Little gave a talk on community based collaborative care for people suffering from depression in primary care settings. They also discussed ways to develop culturally congruent tools to foster engagement in care, such as shared decision making.

“Working together to make depression treatment successful”

Roberto Lewis-Fernandez and Ivan Balan gave a talk on motivational interviewing, which is a counseling style that helps motivate people to change behavior. They focused on the question: How can mental health providers be better at motivating and engaging clients to be active participants in their treatment.

“Promoting Economic Empowerment & Recovery through peer support”

Oscar Jimenez-Solomon and Peggy Swarbick gave a talk on economic empowerment in the mental health community. They focused on the benefits of peer support systems in activating individuals and creating a sense of economic empowerment.